Short Film and Video Competition 2013

Welcome to the Dark Green Books Short Film and Video Competition 2013!

Create an exciting and powerful Youtube video based on the works of Luke Andreski and compete to win…

First Prize

$700 (US) plus seven free downloads from

Second Prize

$200 (US) plus three free downloads from

Third Prize

$100 (US) plus two free downloads from

The competition is easy to access, open to submissions from anywhere in the world and free to enter.

Submissions from schools, colleges and universities are welcome, as are multiple submissions.

Candidates for the award are invited to meet the challenge of creating videos suitable for upload onto Youtube, based on free samples of the powerful and controversial writings of author Luke Andreski. Submissions must reflect, extrapolate, express or represent the selected work in ways that are engaging, insightful, powerful or enduring.

The competition runs from 9 a.m. GMT March 4 2013 to 12 p.m. GMT December 31 2013.

Long-listed submissions will be loaded onto the competition’s Youtube channel.

The shortlist will be announced in early January 2014.

The competition judges will be announced by or in September 2013 (for details of last year’s judges see

The judging criteria will include:

  • Is the short film immediately effective or engaging? Does it start well?
  • Does the short film keep the viewer hooked?
  • Does the short film end well? Does it leave a lasting impact?
  • Is the overall impact of the piece powerful and/or engaging?
  • Are the visuals powerful and/or effective?
  • Is the soundtrack integrated and effective?
  • Does the short film offer insight into, reflect, complement or communicate the meaning behind the selected text?

This competition is sponsored by Dark Green Books and is not in any way sponsored, supported, owned or initiated by Youtube.

Rules for the DGB Short Film and Video Competition

The rules for the Dark Green Books Short Film and Video Competition 2013 are as follows:

  1. The competition is open to entrants aged 16 or over.
  2. The prizes for the 2013 competition will be awarded to the creators of the three videos, based on a poem, short story or novel written by Luke Andreski, that are deemed by the judges of the shortlist to best reflect, extrapolate, express or represent the selected work or text in a way that is engaging, insightful, powerful or enduring.
  3. Luke Andreski’s poems, short stories and novels may be found on the (where free competition-acceptable extracts are available) or Amazon. Suitable pieces by this author can also be found on WordPress, iTunes and Soundcloud.
  4. The submitted video or short film must be suitable in format and size for upload onto Youtube.
  5. The submitted video or short film must abide by Youtube Terms and Conditions.
  6. To enter the competition an email, containing a link enabling download of the short film or video, must be sent to (We recommend Vimeo: You can join Vimeo for free, upload your video and send us the link. We are able to download from there.)
  7. The film must begin with credits stating as a minimum: ‘[Title] by Luke Andreski’; ‘A short film by [you]’.
  8. The film must end with: ‘Written by Luke Andreski’; ‘Directed, filmed and edited by [you]’; ‘From [relevant work] by Luke Andreski’; ‘© 2011 Luke Andresk’ – and the following statement must be displayed: ‘Luke Andreski, [you] and Dark Green Books grant permission for this video to be shared and aired in any media at any time subject to Luke Andreski being referenced as author of the related text.’ (Please see last year’s submissions for guidance:
  9. Entrants to the competition must base their work on the previews available for free from the website, on the downloads available from the website between $1 to $4 in price) or on Luke Andreski’s works available from Amazon, WordPress, SoundCloud or iTunes.
  10. Entrants must provide a simple and cost-free mechanism for Dark Green Books to access and download the submitted video, via a link from the submission email (see comment on Vimeo, above).
  11. The submission email must include the entrant’s full name, date of birth, nationality and telephone number or contact details for a person representing the video’s creators.
  12. The competition will run from 9 a.m. GMT March 4 2013 to 12 p.m. December 31 2013. The closing date for submissions is midnight, GMT, on December 31 2013. The winner of the competition will be declared before 12 p.m. GMT January 31, 2014.
  13. Multiple submissions can be submitted and each will be considered on its individual merits.
  14. The awarding of prizes is at the discretion of Dark Green Books and is subject to receipt of suitably creditworthy submissions.
  15. Submissions must be the original work of the entrant and created specifically for this competition.
  16. Work must not infringe the copyright of others, other than the permitted relevance to the work of Luke Andreski.
  17. In submitting short films or videos the entrant grants Luke Andreski and Dark Green Books the right to use, distribute or publish this work in any form and in any media at any time.
  18. The submitted video or short film must abide by Youtube rules and must not contain slanderous, derogatory, inflammatory or otherwise distasteful content.
  19. The entrant must retain their own copy of the video or short film as no submission will be returned.
  20. There will be no feedback on any submissions, either during or after the competition. Dark Green Books and Luke Andreski will not enter into any correspondence about submissions or results other than with the prize winners.
  21. Through entering this competition entrants agree to abide by each and all of the competition rules. Dark Green Books (an imprint of the Authors and Writers Distribution Service) reserve the right, with or without cause, to exclude entrants and submissions and to withhold prizes for the violation any of these rules and terms and conditions. Dark Green Books and Luke Andreski reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time. Any amendments to these terms and conditions will be published on the website and on WordPress.
  22. The winners will be notified by midnight GMT January 31 2014. The notification will take place by email or phone. All reasonable endeavours will be made to contact the winner by this date. If the winner cannot be contacted or is not available, we reserve the right to choose another winner from submissions which were received before the closing date or to rescind the prize.
  23. The winners will receive their prizes no later than 30 working days after the announcement on January 31 2014, subject to the above clause.
  24. The prizes are not transferable and no part of the prizes may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions. There is no cash or other alternative to the non-cash elements of the prizes.
  25. Neither Dark Green Books, the Authors and Writers Distribution Service nor Luke Andreski will be liable for any failure of receipt of entries. Proof of emailing cannot be accepted as proof of delivery. Dark Green Books take no responsibility for any entries which are delayed, inaccessible, incomplete or otherwise invalid. Dark Green Books, the Authors and Writers Distribution Service and Luke Andreski will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from a winners’ receipt of the      prizes or production of their submission.
  26. By entering this competition the winning entrant agrees to allow the free use of their name, photograph and general location for publicity purposes by Dark Green Books. Entrants must accept that their names, their videos and the names of their videos may be used in competition publicity.
  27. It will be at the organisers’ discretion whether to pay the prizes in US dollars or in other currencies to a similar value. Payment will be made by bank transfer or via PayPal.
  28. The judges’ decisions are final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.
  29. Dark Green Books and Luke Andreski reserve the right at any time to supersede, modify or cancel, the competition (including altering the prize) if, in their sole discretion, the competition is not capable of being conducted as defined within these terms and conditions. Dark Green Books and Luke Andreski reserve in their absolute discretion the right to substitute an alternative prize if circumstances beyond their control make this unavoidable.
  30. Submission of an entry to this competition will be deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  31. This competition is governed by English law and any dispute is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Last year’s winners:

About last year’s competition:

Dark Green Books –

Luke Andreski –

Luke Andreski on WordPress –

Luke Andreski on SoundCloud –


The 2014 competition is seeking four authors on whose work submitted videos can be based. A contribution to the prize is required. Email if you or an author you represent would like to participate.

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